Q. Exchange and Return of Tax-Free products purchased before March 29, 2020

※The Return and  Exchange Policy will change from March 30, 2020.
Click here for the conditions of  Tax-Free products purchased after March 30, 2020.


Please review the following for exchange and return of Tax-Free products purchased before March 29, 2020.

Tax-free products can be returned or exchanged within three months of purchase at the stores.
Please bring your product, receipt, passport and covenant of purchaser to the store of purchase. 

※Please note that returns and exchanges cannot be accepted at any stores other than the store where the product was purchased.
※We ask for your understanding in advance that in case the product you want is not available, it will be returned or exchanged for an equivalent replacement. 
※If the purchased product is faulty, we will assess the item at the store. Please contact the store where your purchased the product in advance.  



Kindly note that store staff may ask you some questions to confirm the status at the time of return or exchange.  We cannot accept returns or exchanges for following:  
  • Products purchased for resale
  • Products ordered as uniforms
  • Excessive and/or repeat returns or exchanges
  • More than 50 items are requested to be returned or exchanged with the same product number
  • Products are snagged or damaged after purchase
In case that you order a product online and receive it at a store and then return it to the same store, you are not allowed to purchase it again as a tax-free product.

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