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We at UNIQLO CO., LTD. (collectively, “the Company”) understand the importance of Personal Information (“Personal Information” includes information that can identify an individual, such as name, address or phone number, as well as other information that, combined with other information, can be used to identify an individual). We endeavor to protect Personal Information through our compliance with the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information and our Privacy Policy, and by appropriately managing the Personal Information of our customers, shareholders, employees and applicants for potential employment or recruitment activities (“Applicants”) at the Company.
  1. We will collect Personal Information in an appropriate manner;
  2. We will inform you regarding the purpose of use for your Personal Information, and use such information within the scope of such purpose.
  3. We will take necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage Personal Information;
  4. Except where otherwise specified, we will not share or disclose Personal Information to any third parties;
  5. We will respond appropriately in the event that an individual contacts the appropriate point of contact regarding display, correction, deletion and/or termination of use of their respective Personal Information.
[Matters disclosed under the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information]

We are required to disclose the following information pursuant to the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information:
1. Name of business operator handling Personal Information, and manager responsible for the protection of Personal Information
-The Company
-Chief privacy officer
2. Purpose of use for Personal Information
We use Personal Information provided to us by individuals for only the following purposes:

(1)Personal Information of our customers (including users of our application software)
  • Responding to, confirming and archiving inquiries, consultations, repairs and other support;
  • Providing information regarding products, services, and campaigns via invitation letters, e-mail or other means;
  • Shipping products; and
  • Product development and improvement of other services.

(2) Personal Information of our shareholders
  • Exercise of rights and/or performance of obligations under the Companies Act of Japan; and
  • Management relating to our stockholders, such as preparation of records pursuant to various laws and orders

(3) Personal Information of Applicants
  • Contacting and/or providing information to Applicants, and other uses necessary for employment and recruiting activities.

(4) Personal Information of our Employees
  • Communicating with our employees for work or other purposes;
  • Paying compensation (such as salary, bonus and allowances) to our employees, conducting human resource and labor management, and providing employment benefits; and
  • Managing the health of our employees.

(5) Personal Information of those persons who post/submit Personal Information on our website or application software
  • Use of works posted/submitted on our website or application software in advertisements for the Company or its affiliates.
    *All rights of publicity, copyrights and other industrial property rights in such posted/submitted works shall be attributed to the user who posted/submitted such works; provided, however, that upon posting/submitting such works, the user shall be deemed to have granted the Company a global, royalty-free and non-exclusive license (with right of sublicense to third parties) to use (including, without limitation, reproduce, publicize, send, distribute, assign, loan, translate and adapt) such works, and such user agrees that he or she shall not assert any moral rights in such works.

3. Provision of Personal Information to third parties
(1) We will not provide Personal Information to any third parties except in the following cases:
  • In the event you have agreed to the provision of your Personal Information;
  • In the event it is necessary for the preservation of life, body or property, and the relevant consent(s) cannot be easily obtained;
  • In the event the handling of Personal Information has been entrusted in whole or in part to a third party within the scope necessary to fulfill the purposes of use (we take measures to prevent leakage, loss, or falsification of Personal Information, such as by carefully selecting our contractors (including the contractors overseas), entering into agreements with contractors regarding the handling of personal information, and directing and supervising our contractors as necessary);
  • In the event that Personal Information is provided in connection with the succession of business due to merger or other reason; and
  • Where required by applicable laws or regulations.li>

(2) We conduct our operations together with each of the companies of the Fast Retailing Group within and outside Japan listed on the webpage (https://www.fastretailing.com/jp/) (our "Affiliates").
Therefore, all Personal Information obtained by us from our customers, shareholders, employees and Applicants may be used by us together with our Affiliates within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use stated in Clause 2 of “Matters disclosed under the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information“.
In these situations, we will bear responsibility for the management of any shared use of Personal Information by way of our chief privacy offer.

4. Inquiries regarding display, correction, deletion and/or termination of use of Personal Information
Upon receipt of a request for display, correction, deletion and/or termination of use of Personal Information, we will promptly respond to such requests upon confirming the identity of the person through prescribed procedures. For any inquiries regarding Personal Information, please contact the appropriate person listed on the Company’s webpage.

5. Information collected/used
In order to provide you with product and styling recommendations and improve our services to you, (in addition to the uses described in Section 2.1 above) we will also collect and use customer identifying information, site browsing/action history (in our web sites and stores) and computer/connection information, including such information obtained via face pictures, biological information and Cookies* (collected information may contain, but is not limited to, customer Personal Information). We may also collect other information which may be collected via conventional internet technologies and use such data for analysis. 

*What are Cookies?
 "Cookies" are a technology used on computers (hard drives) to record and manage information about customers visiting web pages.
Some of our web pages use Cookies in order to allow our customers to browse our web pages more conveniently.
In the event that you choose to block the use of Cookies by changing the Cookie settings on your web browser, some or all services (such as product purchase) may be unavailable.
Additionally, in order to optimize our web pages, Cookies will also be used to examine usage by our customers but cannot be used to identify an individual.

6. Others
We may revise or update information such as the “Matters disclosed under the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information” above without prior notice, in connection with changes to the management of our measures on the protection of Personal Information or in connection with changes in applicable laws and regulations.

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