Q. Tax Free

For tax-free shopping at UNIQLO stores, please check the following terms and conditions.

Some stores do not have tax-free services. Therefore, please ask the store staff  whether the service is available.
※For online store, tax-free service is not available, which includes receiving items or making payments at store for online orders.


Terms of use

Regardless of status of residence and nationality, those whom meet the following of three conditions are eligible.
  • Purchase price must be 5,000 yen or more excluding tax
  • Term of visit in Japan is less than 6 months
  • Have a passport (entry stamps for passport) or the following permits:
    Crew landing permit
    Permission for emergency landing
    Landing permission due to distress
    Landing permit for cruise ship tourists

Japanese-citizen customers who meet the above conditions or any of the following conditions below can purchase products as Tax-free. When you want to purchase Tax-Free products, you need to have return stamp on your passport.
・Person who currently works abroad
・Person who works abroad for more than 2 years
・Person who has already stayed abroad for more than 2 years


  • When you don't obtain entry stamps on your passport because you entered Japan through the automated gate, you cannot shop tax free at UNIQLO store because the entry stamp is required to confirm your actual entry date. When you use the automatic gate at airport and you wish to shop tax free, please ask Immigration Bureau Officers to get entry stamp on your passport.
  • You cannot combine purchases from different UNIQLO stores to exceed tax free eligible amount.
  • When you shop tax free, you need to depart within 6 months from Japan. If you do not leave within 6 months, the purchased items is going to be subject on tax when you embark at airport.
  • Please click here for return and exchange of products purchased with tax free.
  • Products specified to be purchased and received at online store cannot be returned for purpose of tax-free then purchased again as tax-free products at store.
  • You don't need tax exemption procedure at the airport for the tax-free purchases at UNIQLO as the consumption tax is already exempted.

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